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Drink Lingzhi That
Contains Reishi

– Promotes Longevity
– Eases Aches and Pains

Drink Lingzhi That
Contains Reishi

– Boosts Energy Levels
   & Reduce Fatigue

Drink Lingzhi That
Contains Reishi

– Boosts Gym Performance
   & Recovery

Drink Lingzhi That
Contains Reishi

– Our 100% Spore Capsules
   Promotes Hair Growth
   Through Improved Circulations

Drink Lingzhi That
Contains Reishi

– Improves Sleep Through
   Relaxation & Stress Reduction 

Fathers Day - Special

Make this Father’s Day extra special by keeping your dad warm with Lingzhi’s Liquid Chocolate and Lingzhi Latte! Treat him to the comforting warmth and indulgent flavours of our delicious beverages, crafted with care to delight his taste buds , warm his heart and have some special added benefits. Whether he prefers the rich sweetness of hot chocolate or the smooth creaminess of a caffe latte, Lingzhi has the perfect choice to make his day unforgettable. Cheers to Dad and the cozy moments shared together

Buy 2x Lingzhi Liquid Chocolate & 1x Lingzhi Latte and recieve a Linzghi Latte for Free.

Tea Lovers Delight - Special

  • Looking for a natural energy boost? Try our Lingzhi Green Tea and Lingzhi Black Tea.  
  • Contains 35% Reishi and 5% Sinense.  
  • They are chemical-free and fit any lifestyle. Enjoy relief from stress. Try them today and feel the difference!

Why Choose Lingzhi?

Our Lingzhi Range contains Reishi and is a convenient and delicious way to incorporate the health benefits into your daily routine. Try Lingzhi, it’s a simple yet effective way to support your health and wellness.


Acne | Anxiety | Bronchitis | Cancer Support | Cardiovascular Disease | Concentration | Depression | Diabetes | General Well-Being | High Blood Pressure | High Cholesterol | Immune Health | Insomnia | Kidney Disease | Liver Disease | Menopause | Obesity | Parkinsons | Upper Respiratory Track Infection

“Reishi has been traditionally used in Chinese Medicince for thousands of years to support and promote overall well-being”


Why Choose Lingzhi Global

Experience Radiant Health with Lingzhi!


Our beverages, enriched with Reishi, embody the


essence of nature's remedies, igniting a brighter, healthier you.

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