Tea for Two Pack

Revitalize your tea ritual with Lingzhi’s Reishi-infused blends and embark on a journey to holistic well-being. Drink with purpose and pleasure.

LINGZHI GREEN TEA assists with WEIGHT LOSS. It contains compounds like catechins and caffeine that contribute to weight management.

Here’s how green tea assists in weight loss:

Boosts Metabolism                      Enhances Fat Oxidation               Reduces Appetite

Improves Insulin Sensitivity         Regulates Blood Sugar Levels      Reduces Water Retention & Bloating

LINGZHI BLACK TEA offers a soothing experience while delivering a host of benefits.

Here’s how black tea assists:

Boosting immunity                      Enhancing Wellness                     Promoting Better Sleep

Alleviating Allergies                     Antioxidants                                 Pain-Relieving Effects.

Directions for use:

 Lingzhi Black Tea:

Start your day with a cup of Lingzhi Black Tea. For added flavour, you can stir in a teaspoon of honey and milk if desired.

Lingzhi Green Tea: For something different

  • The night before, place a Lingzhi Green Tea Bag into 750ml of hot boiling water.
  • Allow the tea to cool down and infuse overnight.
  • Add honey and fresh fruits to enhance the taste and sweetness.
  • Refrigerate the tea overnight.
  • The next morning, transfer the chilled green tea into a water bottle.

Instead of plain water, enjoy the refreshing taste of Lingzhi Green Tea infused with natural sugars throughout the day.

These simple steps allow you to enjoy the benefits of Lingzhi Black Tea and Lingzhi Green Tea in a convenient and delicious way. Experiment with honey, milk, and different fruits to customize your tea to your liking.

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